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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Appointment

    • Do I need an appointment?

      If you’re just coming by for a nail trim, you don’t need to make an appointment. However, for any other type of groom, it’s highly recommended you book ahead of time. In the grooming process, some dogs just happen to take hours to finish, so if we’re all booked-out for the day, we’d hate to have to tell you we can’t help—especially since you’ve already come a long way. If you urgently need a groom and can’t book ahead of time, we ask you at least call before swinging by, so we can see if any arrangements can be made.

    • Do you take dogs for walks during their appointment?

      We are pleased to offer a Woof Pack and Tidy Tails package called the Full Day Adventure Groom package! Depending on which package you select, your dog will receive a groom and a 1 hour walk from a Woof Pack professional dog walker! Click here to find out more!

    • Can I come an hour or two later after my pet’s grooming is done?

      Yes, absolutely! We simply add a $10 daycare service towards your pet’s grooming fee. Just remember to let us know ahead of time, so we can schedule a 30-minute walk for your munchkin (half-hour walks are included with the $10 daycare service).

  • Preparation

    • How often should my pet be groomed?

      Short and single-coated breeds ought to be groomed every 1-2 months, while long-coated breeds should be groomed every 2-3 months. Double and heavy-coated breeds are ideally groomed with every season change. Nevertheless, many of our clients like to have their pets groomed once a month in order to significantly reduce the amount of shedding and hairballs around their house.

    • When should my puppyhave its first groom?

      Puppies should have their first groom after receiving their second round of vaccinations. This gives them to get used to the grooming process at an early age, so that, when they’re of age, they won’t be frightened by all the mysterious smells, noises, and equipment.

    • How can I prepare my pets for their grooming appointment? Do I need to bring anything?

      While Tidy Tails provides everything your dog will need during the grooming session, you’re welcome to bring your munchkin’s favorite toy, blanket, or treat! Also, if you could have your pet take a quick pee break before entering the salon, it would greatly help prevent accidents that may compromise cleanliness of the salon.

  • In the Salon

    • Can I bring my dog in for a haircut without a bath?

      All dogs must be bathed before getting their haircut. Unwashed hair is not only hard on our grooming equipment, but also can cause irreparable damage your dog’s fur.


      In the event your dog suffers from a medical condition that prevents him or her from being bathed, please let our staff know so we can accommodate your dog’s needs and not bath it. The grooming costs, however, will remain the same.

    • Can I stay and watch while you groom my pet?

      Your pet loves you very much. This affection causes it to wiggle, squirm, and pretty much do anything it can to catch your attention. Not only does this excessive movement make it very difficult for us to do our job (imagine a hairdresser trying to cut your hair while you’re doing the Macarena), but also it puts your pet at risk of injury. We use rakes, scissors, clippers, and other sharp tools that can potentially harm your pet if not used with absolute precision. This is why it’s so important for you to trust us and allow us to groom your pet independently of your supervision. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when we’re done. We always call the owner 15 minutes before the groom is complete. You’re also welcome to come by and watch us groom—just not when your own pet is on the grooming table.

    • Will my dog be in a kennel during the appointment?

      We try our best to maintain a relaxing and stress-free environment. If possible, we prefer to have the dogs run-free around the salon, so they can stretch their legs and play with the other munchkins! We have an enclosed premise with a safety gate and a professional groomer present, so the dogs won’t be able to wander off. That said, if your dog doesn’t like other canines or if you prefer she unwinds alone, we have plenty of private kennels she can rest in.

    • Do you kennel dry dogs?

      Depending on the hair type, breed, age and behaviour we select the appropriate drying method for each pet. We have safety procedures specific to kennel dryers that are designed to keep pets safe.

    • Do you express anal glands?

      While we do express anal glands upon request, we do strongly urge that you have them expressed by your vet. Typically, healthy pets naturally express their anal glands during the bathing process. If your pet has trouble expressing its glands, this may be a sign of some other medical issue. Please let us know if you have any concerns about your pet’s anal glands.

    • What kind of products do you use for my pet?

      We only use environmentally friendly products in our salon. The main brands we employ are Green Groom and Paw Sucreme. Both are super-gentle, tear-free, and earth-friendly! As an added bonus, the Paw Sucreme products are locally made in Brentwood Bay. They consist of our silicon-free moisturizing and de-matting products: Marsh Mellow spray and Paw Balm.

  • Cats

    • Do you groom cats?

      Yes! We have special cat appointments to ensure a peaceful and low stress environment. Please check it out here.

  • Help!

    • My pet’s fur is heavily matted! Can you help me?

      While de-matting is an everyday part of the grooming process (all pets get tangled hair from time-to-time), some pets are so heavily matted that any attempt to de-mat them would be tantamount to animal cruelty. That’s why if your pet’s coat is severely matted, we will recommend removing the coat altogether by shaving underneath the matting. We understand this is not always the most aesthetically pleasing alternative, but it’s the most humane. The best way to avoid matting is to have your pet groomed once every 2-3 months. Please ask us about the best grooming frequency for your pet.

    • My pet was sprayed by a skunk! Can you help me?

      Yes, we can help! Unlike many deodorizing products on the market that merely mask unpleasant smells, we use a bio-enzymatic treatment that actually breaks-down skunk oils and other odor-causing matter to permanently eliminate the source of the stench. It’s important to realize, however, there’s no treatment that will entirely eliminate the smell with just one application. Usually, it takes 2-3 applications before the scent is entirely gone.

    • What if my pet has fleas or ticks?

      Any pet that arrives on our premises with fleas or ticks will immediately be given an anti-pest bath with a fee of $5-10 depending on the size of the pet. If you know your pet has fleas prior to its scheduled groom, please inform us ahead of time so we can prepare the treatment and discuss the fee with you. If you’d like more information on our flea policy, please click here.

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