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Our Policies

You got questions. We got answers.


Satisfaction Guarantee Policy


Unhappy with our service? Don’t fret! Tidy Tails will either discount or refund any dog grooming service you’re not completely satisfied with. Just let our dog groomers know within 72 hours of the grooming session, and we’ll make it right!


Safety Policy


Our philosophy is to offer a stress-free grooming experience. We pride ourselves on the gentle and patient care we provide. For that reason, we won't  perform any grooming procedure that causes excessive stress or pain. We want your pet’s experience to be pleasant, not traumatic. That’s why we’re strict with our three basic safety policies:


  • Medical/Allergy Policy: If your pet has any allergies or medical conditions, such as previous surgeries, warts, moles, hip pain, joint trouble, ear infections, or skin problems, please make us aware of these issues prior the grooming session. The more we know about your pets’ ailments, the more precautions we can take to make their experience safe and comfortable.


  • Anxious Dog Policy: Some dogs are so unaccustomed to being groomed that the stress of being away from their home overwhelms them so much it makes them nearly impossible to work with. We deal with these pets by doing whatever we can within reason. Most of the time, this means we’ll not be able to finish the groom in the first session. Usually it takes 2-3 grooming attempts before the dog becomes comfortable with  us. Because of this inconvenience to you (it’s no fun bringing your pet 2-3 times to a salon before it’s completely groomed), we make it a point not to charge until your pet is completely groomed. This means if it takes us three sessions to safely groom your dog, you’ll only be billed once, and you’ll only be billed for the final session.


  • Difficult Dog Policy: Safety comes first for everyone during the grooming process: people as well as pets. Please inform us prior to grooming if your pet has aggressive tendencies, so we may properly leash and muzzle it before we begin the grooming process.


Flea and Tick Policy


Our flea/tick policy has been adopted to ensure our entire Spa remains pest free. Our goal is to provide the  most hygienic salon in Victoria. To make this possible, we make sure every pet undergoes a 3-step process before being groomed. These consist of the following procedures:


  • We diligently go through your dog’s coat to determine if there are any fleas or ticks.
  • If pests are found, we immediately isolate your pet from the other animals.
  • Once the animals have been separated, we give the contaminated pet a medicated anti-flea bath for a small additional fee.


Keep in mind, while we do our best to mitigate the spread of fleas and ticks, we can never guarantee your dog will not be contaminated. Fleas just happen to be very small, resilient, and fast. Unfortunately, if one elludes our vigilance, it won’t take long for it to find another host.


De-matting and Full Shave-down Policy


We’re deeply committed to the maxim ‘humanity before vanity’. If your pet is heavily matted, we will not put it through the trauma of brushing the matted fur out. Brushing out sternly matted coats not only causes severe pain to the recipient, but also risks dangerous lacerations due to hidden warts, moles, and skin folds that may be accidentally torn off in the process.


Instead, we recommend having the fur clipped short. This may seem like a cop-out, but it’s actually the most humane way to deal with matted fur. It causes the least amount of pain, and it enables us to start a regular grooming schedule that not only prevents shaving your pet in the future, but also avoid the messy medical complications matted fur can cause, such as heat exhaustion, itching, bacterial infections, and fungal diseases.


As long as your pet's hair is in reasonable condition, we should be able to safely de-mat it; however, if your pet’s fur is severely matted, we won’t commence with the grooming process until we’ve informed you about our de-matting policy and recommendations.


Pricing Policy


Pricing varies for each dog and is determined by breed, size, and coat. Additional charges may apply for de-matting, de-shedding, excessive coat, and flea and skunk treatments. In rare cases, clients may be charged extra for dogs with behavioral issues. In all of these instances, clients will be informed of the price changes before any action will be taken. Payment for services provided is due when you pick up your pet.


Pet Advice Policy


While we love helping out and giving pet advice, keep in mind that no information we give, whether in person or on this site, should be considered as medical advice. Only your veterinarian can tell you what’s medically best for your pet—especially when it comes to recommending a treatment, exercise, or food plan. We’re happy to give you our two-cents and help point you in the right direction, but always check with your vet first.


Promotion and Discount Policy


From time to time Tidy Tails Dog Grooming offers special coupons, contests, and price reductions. Please note all promotions have a deadline and cannot be combined with other discounts. Also, unless explicitly stated on the voucher, no promotion has a redeemable cash value.


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illustration of policies document
illustration of policies document
illustration of policies document
illustration of policies document
illustration of policies document
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illustration of policies document